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September 26, 2019

Cosmetics information

Cosmetics information

Every woman wants to look beautiful and unique and uses makeup to achieve beauty. For the best makeup it is necessary to use standard cosmetics. In this regard, beauty cosmetic information is a must for every woman, and if you are not fully aware of these products and their use, you will not be able to use them properly in the feature under consideration. We are introducing a brief introduction to important beauty cosmetics that will surely prove to be a good addition to women's information.

Cleansing country: This beauty is solid and just like milk. It is applied to the face with cotton. Its use cleanses the moisture around the face and the smoke, and since the skin becomes very clean and transparent, the face becomes brighter and brighter.

Cleansing country is more useful for oily skin.
Cleansing Cream: This cream is also very useful for facial cleansing.

Women with dry skin are more used to it. The cleansing cream is applied with the help of finger wings to be lightly rubbed so that the skin is well absorbed.
Moisturizer: It is similar to white cream and is also available as cream or in tube form. It should be used with fingers. If the skin is dry and white spots appear on it, then the stains disappear by its use. Its base is perfect for infusing makeup.
Women with dry skin can get much better results if they moisturize the face 10 minutes before makeup.
Skin Tank: This beauty solution is used by cotton after mixing country use. Its main function is to close the masses at the time of make-up so that the chemicals in the cosmetics do not penetrate the skin, ie absorb the cosmetics. Are.
It is used on normal skin. Its use makes the skin soft, soft and shiny. It is available in a variety of colors.
Esthetic Lotion: It is available in solution form and in different colors. It also works to close the skin issues. Initially, it may feel a bit irritating. It eliminates dark spots on the skin and is considered very suitable for oily skin.
It should be used with cotton.
Cold Cream or Night Cream: Women with very dry skin should massage their face with hands and legs before applying the cold cream to sleep at night, thinking that it should be applied only at bedtime and after drying in the morning. And will be soft and adaptable enough. This cream is also suitable for slightly dry skin.
Put the cream on your palm and massage it.
Nourishing Cream: This cream is also a form of cold cream. Which softens the skin. Home-based women should use Nourishing cream because using it helps keep the skin of the working skin soft as it is less sugar. Therefore, it can be used in summer only with the help of fingertips.

Ice cream: This cream is lighter and a bit thicker than cold cream. It is used to cover circles and spots that may be seen around the eyes. It is available in small cottages. A container can last for many days if you use it properly.
Foundation: Foundation, cream and stock available in all three forms. This is used because it helps to smooth your skin before makeup.
The foundation should always be taken to suit the color of your skin. It can also be applied with the help of a fingertip. Foam-made beauty blenders are also available in the market today for this purpose.
Face Powder: Face powder is used after the foundation. The powder is available in white rose pink and skin color. It should be used very lightly.
Make sure this fee matches the color of the Powder Foundation.
Compact: A small powder called powder compact. Women can easily put it in their purse when going out. It doesn't spill or stretch wherever you are 'You can refresh your makeup by puffing it on your face right away from time to time but remember that over-use can leave a powdery mark on your face.
So reduce its use.
Rouse: This is not very common, so it will certainly be new for many women. In fact, its main purpose is to give your cheeks a healthy glow and redness. It is available in pink. This pink color combines a light caption. The cream is available in the form of stick and soap hinges. The cream is applied with the help of a fingertips and the pillow is also poured through the puff with the fasting. If you are fasting during the day, apply it lightly. And if it's night time, a bit darker color would be appropriate.

Blush On: Available in both light pink and dark pink packets. Apparently it is like a fast, but it produces more glow than the fast. Therefore, its use is more pronounced on the face. Match her shades to suit your skin. It also tones your face in pink and spreads a red glow on your cheeks. It should be used before using the powder.

Eye Shadow: This
September 26, 2019

Masks for facial cleansing

Masks for facial cleansing

The skin care process begins with skin cleansing.
There are many types of creams and lotions available for cleaning the kidneys and removing makeup.
If face care is not done on a daily basis then many problems can arise because of facial waxing.
Masks for facial cleansing
Following are some face masks that are useful in preparation and use, as well as usefulness.

Green lime powder and turmeric and milk mask
Dried crushed green lime powder = half a cup
Hadley = a teaspoon of tea
Milk = half a cup
Make sure you mix all the items together.
Put this mixture on your forehead.

Apply neatly to the face and neck.
Let the mixture stick to these places for two minutes and wash and clean afterwards.
This mask is recommended for oily and mixed skin.

The lime powder absorbs excess grease.
Milk provides nourishment to the skin and refreshes it.
Cucumber and yogurt mask
Circle a number
3 or 4 tablespoons of yogurt meal
Cucumber the cucumber and squeeze the juice.
Whisk the yogurt.
Add the curd juice to the cucumber juice.
Mix all ingredients together and mix to combine.

Apply this mixture on your forehead - face and neck in the form of a lapel.
Allow to stand for three to four minutes.
Then wash the face and neck with cold water.
This mask opens the face.
Creates a tension.
Shades and stains make it non-noticeable.
Provides nutrition to the skin.
Just like an alcoholic can also be used as a mask.
September 26, 2019
Take a look at the beauty of beauty but how?

Fresh foods help increase their productivity
Renewed and created in partnership with fresh fruits and other items to boost the industrial production of cosmetics around the world. You often find strawberries' apricots, milk, coconut oils, turmeric, lemons and multicolored soils in a natural state. Paste will be made by applying masks or cleaning face.

You may also have seen excellent results for these foods.
The face goes out in a few hours. Often you don't recognize yourself. In the industrial production of Symmetics, additives and cuts of various foods like these are available in various creams, masks, lotions, and fillers. Have been introduced to the original diet as well as vitamins.

Vitamins are known as the secret quantities of a group of organic compounds that are needed to keep many living organisms healthy and nourish them. Below we provide an introduction to some of the most vital ingredients. Be aware that just using cosmetics is not enough to highlight the exterior attractiveness of the face and other body parts.
You also need a few chemical shapes products to keep the look up. For example ․․․․
Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk
The use of Probiotics in the diet enables them to digest. It is useful for improving diarrhea in children, blood flow during adulthood, nervous system function, nausea, paranoia, mental impairment and memory improvement.

Natural Vitamin A is the most effective cleansing country for the removal of external skin, skin diseases and skin ink after it has been renewed with apricot. Apart from Vitamin A, C, K, and E are also present. Some of the major minerals are potassium, magnesium, magnesium and phosphorus as well as fiber and flavonoids. If you have been removing makeup from cold cream or petroleum jelly for a while now, skip this series and apply cleansing facial cleansing. Use the country so that the face gets this treasure of vitamins.

Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask
Pumpkin is a healthy vegetable and contains a large amount of fiber and vitamin C as well as potassium. It is useful in hypertension. It also helps in preventing skin damage due to beta carotene. This is also a natural face mask. If you want to mix the egg whites or rub a piece of pumpkin onto the skin like a button, dead cells will be rooted.

Natural ingredients made from natural ingredients are popular in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, and are sold online worldwide. These masks also help with skin's natural appearance, cleansing and rejuvenation. It costs $ 43.94, ie Rs 1,400 (Pakistani). If you look at the ingredients of this mask, Vitamin C is perfect for skin elasticity and complexion.
Sweet pumpkin also retains skin because of beta-crotin. Honey is also an excellent ingredient for outdoor use. It is a bacterial diet. It is very useful for relieving early ailments, especially eczema, scars and scars.
Aw Cocoa Skin Food Mask
To enhance beauty, Koi Butter and its seeds are chemically made from beauty products and made of beauty products.
Note that coke is also incorporated into cabbage and grease sweets. Chocolate is an antioxidant nut. It is a very active ingredient in keeping the skin youthful and refreshed. It strengthens skin cells. Benz is also a beneficial part of the diet. If used as a chemical chemical product made from safflower, it will also restore a wonderful appearance on the outside.
An excellent mask for severe sun damage, skin discoloration, weakening of skin cells, and tightening of skin.
September 26, 2019

Protecting the face in days of imprisonment

Protecting the face in days of imprisonment

Like the last few years, the intensity of the summer is at its peak. In this season, all the faces seem to be dying. In fact, as the weather gets cold and freezing. The dry effect on our skin is just as hot. The intensity of the weather and the rising sun and the sun's rays and the sun-soaked rays also have a detrimental effect on our skin as the two main issues with the heat are the heat intensity and the moisture content there. Redness due to moisture loss due to redness of the face, nail acne, itching etc.

To make your skin look beautiful in the summer, it is important to wash your face three times a day to use only products that are appropriate for your skin texture.

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Always use a splash of cold water on your face after using it, because warm water is never beneficial to the skin.
Long-lasting summer morning and evening hours are the first step towards proper facial cleansing skin, with cleansing helping to clear the dead cells of your facial skin as well as mac. The skin and the dirt that accumulates in your skin is also cleansed. These are all factors that cause the matter to close.

Also, if you have a habit of washing your face only once a day, change this habit. In a short time you will start to notice a considerable difference on your face and the skin on your face will become soft. No matter the fact that our body does not sweat as much as the summer does in any other season of the year, it is very important to make sure that your body has a continuous flow of water and then Only possible if you get into the habit of drinking good water throughout the day. Drinking more water has a positive effect on the skin cells and also eliminates the irritating skin. S and our skin is very clean, shiny and healthy.
Now that this season is in its final stages, pay attention to your face immediately as it is important to protect the skin from the effects of the weather even in the winter ahead and it is very important to have a fresh skin.
September 26, 2019

From nail to mah and stains

From nail to mah and stains

Nail on the face, acne not only makes the face look ugly, but also feels severe confusion. Usually in puberty, nail acne begins to appear in any part of the face or body, which is thirty years old. Stops at the age of 30, but in some cases even after thirty years.
Unfortunately, most of us do not treat nail acne as a natural age requirement, which is not accurate. If treated on time, the face can be protected from malignancy.
Some aspirants attribute it to a healthy diet, some say it is a reaction to hormonal changes in puberty, while to some it is due to constipation and menstrual disorders.

In addition, persistent mental stress, certain medications, and diseases that cause hormonal imbalances, can cause nail acne outbreaks in residents of more humid areas, because of moisture and moisture content. Due to grease and kidney stones on the skin, the gums are closed. Expert skin has also attributed chocolate and certain chemical elements, such as iodine and bromine, to nail acne.
Nevertheless, it is recognized that hormone imbalances in the body are the main cause.

Fatty glands are found inside human skin. They are activated under the influence of androgen hormones. The function of these glands is to provide adequate amount of grease to the skin, but when these glands become more active and warm. So the fat is produced in excess and causes nail acne.
Initially, they appear in the form of black and white acne, then become large grains and later leave marks and holes. The most important process in the treatment of acne acne is to cleanse the body of these toxins, Those that have been accumulating for a long time, it is important to spend only a few days on fruits. Low-fat items like eggs, fish, sharp peppers, spicy herbs, dried fruits, etc., while vegetables and Eat more fruits.

Be careful when eating grapefruit and fried foods, and avoid consuming foods that cause constipation. Drink more water, while eating vitamin A (Vitamin A) is also an excuse.
To get rid of scars, scars and nail scars on the face, apply orange peel in the sun, grind in water and apply it regularly. One week, you will notice a noticeable difference. Use. In a small bowl, add yellow cod and vinegar and let it dry in the shade for three days, then rub it in the same cup, it will be useful. Then mix it with a spoon of honey and drink it.
September 26, 2019
What kind of style do you like?

Round face womenNature has made every woman different, so the hairstyle should also be different. Some women have round faces, some with ellipticals and some with long ones. Here we tell you about women's hairstyles with different textured faces. For example, women with round faces should adopt a piercing style in which their face should look less round, so they should have loose and spiral hair in addition to the hair on the sides of the face. Making the face less visible.

Long face
Long Facial Women To reduce facial length, spread the hair on the forehead and do not create an inflated upper style.

Similarly, their face will look appropriate.
Quad face
Squared facial women spread the hair around the face so that the face width is reduced.
Elliptical or bookish face
It can decorate all kinds of hair and all kinds of makeup.

Whether you are doing make-up or hairstyles, it is important that you first look at your face and see which method is right for you. Sit in front of the mirror to pull the hair backwards. Make a ponytail and look at your face with a small glass. Eyes, nose, cheek lips, foreheads carefully review everything, then see which of them need to be improved.

Now also try to create different hairstyles and see what effect you will have on the appearance of the beauty parlor if you do a hairstyle this way. No need to try out different beauty parlors or change a hair dresser just for the sake of experience. If you have found a good hairstylist, be sure to do the same and set the hair at your own pace and advice, following his instructions.
Also remember one more thing. Whenever you go to the parlor, do not sit there deciding to dye, perm or cut hair, but rather dye or set hair first. This will give you an idea of ​​the nature of the work and then leave it there periodically. This kind of hairstylist will fully understand your hair and your personality. After that, when you cut your hair, she will be able to better set the hair in terms of your face and personality.
September 26, 2019
Face powder retains the attractiveness of the face kept in moist weather

Face powder retains the attractiveness of the face kept in moist weather
The effectiveness and naturalness of your makeup depends largely on the way it is applied. Some women love the misconception that the use of somatics of piles can hide skin scars and impairments easily. And a uniform color can be obtained.
Whereas in fact, the make-up on the face provides a synthetic look and the flaws are obvious. Instead, the lightweight makeup done with the help of beauty aids by expert hands helps to keep your face looking lovely. There was a time when powder came in the form of a complete makeup material, and everyone had to rely solely on it to make it look shiny.

Unlike yesterday's heavy and pure white powder, today we have a very fine powder, which is lighter than air and is available in different shades to match each individual skin color.
Foundation Utilities and Uses: Some women use foundation or light make-up and they have ignored the powder altogether and interpreted it as old fashioned, but the powder has never been out-of-style.
It has the power to give a shine and freshness to highlight a specific design. Semi-transparent powder is extremely acceptable and easy to use, it is said that it is colorless and gives the skin a natural glow. In fact, it is not light in color but it is so light in color that it is almost invisible. Whether it's planted on the foundation or planted on its own.

It helps remove the glow from the face. It is good for greasy skin as it absorbs excess grease 'does not accumulate in the gums and builds well inside the skin. It comes in 3 tones - Light, dark and medium. You can choose any of these tones that suits you. Colorful powders contain suddh antifunctions, giving a lovely lovely little flicker that is perfect for the evening.
Use a color that is closest to the tone of your skin then a shade deepening to give a brighter look. Never apply powder under the eyes as it causes wrinkles and wrinkles to become more noticeable and when the powder sits in them, it can become even more visible in high light. Loose-exposed powder minimizes exposed gums and reduces facial brightness with its thickness and gives it the same effect as applied.
Apply generously powder to your face down to the middle and puff more on other areas, including the neck and ear. Give it 5 minutes to set up. Then dispose of the excess powder but with a lightly rotating motion. Do not tighten or stretch your soft skin. Soak your hands in water under the tap to bring makeup to life.
Shake them dry and then tap the cool fingers onto your face. Or tap the face with a light semi-napkin. If your skin is clean then you don't need to apply powder on all your face. But apply a bit of powder on the sides of the forehead, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, and face to give the appearance of a uniform texture and blend well.
Be careful not to highlight the layers of powder and the dividing lines. Use a light but strong touch for uniformity and harmony when you roll the cotton padia puff down face down with loose powder. However, avoid rubbing it on the skin. If you have spots on your face, apply extra powder on them. If your skin is clean then you don't need to apply powder on all your face.

But apply a bit of powder on the sides of the forehead, nose, mouth, chin, cheek and face to show the same texture look. And blend well. Be careful not to add layers of powder and split sticks, For a uniformity and harmony, use a light but strong knuckle when you roll down the face with a cotton padia puff collage powder.
However, avoid rubbing it on the skin. If you have spots on your face, apply extra powder on them, which will not only hide those scars but will also help them to dry out. If the powder is applied to the stain before going to bed, the effect of this composition is much faster. Compact powder or pressed powder can be taken with you without fear of it being spread.

Whenever you feel refreshed, it is perfect for touching your face. The compact powder is blended with foundation and it is finer and lighter than loose powder. Is. It gives the face a uniform wash. It should be applied downward in long strokes. It's slightly lighter since it's available in different shades.
A darker shade can give the face the impression of a heavy makeup look. The chipotype provided with the compact sometimes doesn't work properly. Cotton wool is easy to use and can be replaced regularly. Turn it on the cake so that a light amount of powder comes out on it and then carefully puff it in the face. Even a slight layer gives full coverage.
If a litter in your complex