Thursday, 26 September 2019

Come on, sisters!

Come on, sisters!

Make-up is something that women do not think is impossible without their makeup. Unless there is redness on the eyes and cheeks in the eyes, there is no moon in beauty. Makeup is an essential part of women's lives, Without women, they do not feel confident and strong.
Make-up has become an important requirement not only for wedding ceremonies but for working women to be involved in daily routines.

But be careful not to damage the skin in this beautiful looking race. Do not try other ways to look beautiful but choose makeup products according to your face and skin. Some women are very much in the cycle of looking beautiful. Make-up puts spit on their face, which makes them look weird and weird, instead of showing them Hussein and Jamil.

The following are a few makeup products that every woman needs.

Cleansing Cream:
The first and most important product that every woman should have is a cleansing cream. It is important for women's skin to incorporate the use of cleanser into their routine. By doing makeup at the beginning of the day. First massage the face thoroughly with the cleansing cream, then rinse the face with warm water and rinse it off.
Cleansing cleanses the face and grease of your face. Many women make the mistake of using cheap cleansing cream to save money. Non-quality cleansing milk or cleansing cream is a delicate product of facial skin. Can always spoil, so always use good and standard products. Most women have oily skin and they use country cleanser which is wrong.
This increases the grease on your face. Such women should use a simple cleanser.

Primer skin is like a wall between warm-ups. They do not damage the skin of makeup. Primer is also used to hide facial lines. In summer the use of primer is very important. This is because they are incredibly light and they also prevent makeup from flowing into the heat.
Some primers also work for sun block. Most primers are transparent and some are white. There are several types of primer. Some are gel, cream, powder form or spray. The primer also comes. If there is a gel or cream primer, put a small amount of it on your palm and apply it well on the face. The primer is applied before all the makeup products.
But if you have a sprayer primer, they can be applied at the end after you make up.

Foundation is especially important in makeup. Foundation is also called makeup makeup. If your skin is naturally beautiful, beautiful and shiny, then you do not need a foundation at all. But if you want to apply foundation Use the good and standard company if you deem it necessary.
And use a foundation that matches the skin of your face. Keep in mind your skin type, skin problems and its effects when buying a foundation. If your skin is more oily, choose a foundation that will reduce glow. If your skin is dry, use a foundation that can provide moisturizer to your skin. Women who suffer from facial scars, blemishes and shadows should opt for a thick foundation or full coverage foundation. Should be done .

Check the foundation on the back or the sides of your hand to see if this color will suit you. The foundation should be in addition to your face as well as the color of your neck. The foundation is separate and separate for foundation-colored women. Spread on every part of the foundation face, with a makeup brush or with your fingers.
Be sure not to push the foundation too loudly. Try to keep the foundation face down even on the neck. After applying the foundation on the front of the neck, it is very important to apply the foundation on the back of the neck and also on the shoulders. And there will be a clear difference in the facial skin, which looks very strange.

Concealors are commonly used to hide eye-catching circles.
But wherever there are spots on your face, you should apply blemishes to the blender. After the foundation is used, select a good company's Concealer to hide the circles so that it does not have adverse effects on the skin. Concealers are also separated for separate skin tones. The condenser is also taped lightly with the help of a brush.

After applying foundation it is very important to apply powder. If you start doing makeup without applying powder then your base will be damaged, it will explode. After foundation you can either use face powder or baking powder. This baking powder is not a baking powder used in cakes, cookies, etc., but it is used on face masks.
Applying a face powder or baking powder sets your foundation very well. If applied with a brush instead of a powder spinach, it will be better. Apply powder on the brush and then spray it, then brush on the face. Turn-based powders, like foundation, are also available separately for women of color, so you should apply them to your facial skin.

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