Thursday, 26 September 2019

For bridal and party makeup

For bridal and party makeup

In choosing the base, always take care of the natural complexion of your skin, and if your color is white or apply a shade from the skin, the blend will match the natural color of the base face during blending and not feel artificial. Will be. Generally, women want to apply a base color to make the artificial appearance visible.

Remember that the purpose of applying a base is not just to dye the skin but to apply a balanced appearance to the face by applying a base. Women with dry skin should moisturize and moisturize the skin before applying the base. Use the Oil Based Foundation but if you have oily skin then the Oil Free Foundation is better. Primer is also applied before applying the face and then apply the base with a brush.

Also, if you want to apply a liquid foundation, apply it with a dry spinach and blend it well to match the natural color of the skin. Nadia Hussain is sometimes neglected above and around the eyes so that the face does not remain the same. When it comes to base, it means only the face base, while the natural appearance of the face is noticeable. It is also necessary to base the neck, hands and arms.

We usually have a heavy base used in heavy braid make-up, but light base should always be used, but the make-up can be done lightly, depending on the nature of the function. The three days of marriage should be very different. Apply light base on the three days, but do the least makeup on the henna which gives the slightest effect, then apply the light base instead of the heavy base on the barat, but in doing a little makeup. no.

Likewise make a makeup on Villema that is more than henna and relatively less than Barat, so you will look unique on all three days. If there are pimples or scar spots on the face, consulators etc are used to hide them. All three days of marriage should be different. Make a light base on all three days, but make the least makeup on the henna which is very lightweight. Apply light base instead of base, but there is no harm in doing a little makeup.

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