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From nail to mah and stains

From nail to mah and stains

Nail on the face, acne not only makes the face look ugly, but also feels severe confusion. Usually in puberty, nail acne begins to appear in any part of the face or body, which is thirty years old. Stops at the age of 30, but in some cases even after thirty years.
Unfortunately, most of us do not treat nail acne as a natural age requirement, which is not accurate. If treated on time, the face can be protected from malignancy.
Some aspirants attribute it to a healthy diet, some say it is a reaction to hormonal changes in puberty, while to some it is due to constipation and menstrual disorders.

In addition, persistent mental stress, certain medications, and diseases that cause hormonal imbalances, can cause nail acne outbreaks in residents of more humid areas, because of moisture and moisture content. Due to grease and kidney stones on the skin, the gums are closed. Expert skin has also attributed chocolate and certain chemical elements, such as iodine and bromine, to nail acne.
Nevertheless, it is recognized that hormone imbalances in the body are the main cause.

Fatty glands are found inside human skin. They are activated under the influence of androgen hormones. The function of these glands is to provide adequate amount of grease to the skin, but when these glands become more active and warm. So the fat is produced in excess and causes nail acne.
Initially, they appear in the form of black and white acne, then become large grains and later leave marks and holes. The most important process in the treatment of acne acne is to cleanse the body of these toxins, Those that have been accumulating for a long time, it is important to spend only a few days on fruits. Low-fat items like eggs, fish, sharp peppers, spicy herbs, dried fruits, etc., while vegetables and Eat more fruits.

Be careful when eating grapefruit and fried foods, and avoid consuming foods that cause constipation. Drink more water, while eating vitamin A (Vitamin A) is also an excuse.
To get rid of scars, scars and nail scars on the face, apply orange peel in the sun, grind in water and apply it regularly. One week, you will notice a noticeable difference. Use. In a small bowl, add yellow cod and vinegar and let it dry in the shade for three days, then rub it in the same cup, it will be useful. Then mix it with a spoon of honey and drink it.

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