Thursday, 26 September 2019

Golden make-up

Nowadays, new makeup techniques are being introduced that women are passionate about. Now that the idol has reached the market, modern make-up products are coming to the market. Try out the tricks and then the women start to do their own makeup later.
In fact, when women go to a party at night, they will not do the natural makeup, it is done using certain colors.

These specific colors also have a color golden, which is considered to be the perfect color for any kind of nightly celebrations, so in this article we will give you the Glitter Gold Makeup Tricks that are available for any Can do this before going to the function.

To do this makeup, make up the Base Foundation, Blush On, Eye Shadow, Kit (it has black, brown and golden shades essential) Black Eyeliner, Black Smiling Imitation, Red Lip Stick and Makeup Brush Kit. Must have

If you are doing a party make-up, pay special attention to the base as any party or wedding ceremony has to be held for three to four hours during which your base can be damaged. Also, pay special attention first to hide the stains and nail acne from the concierge, then apply a base similar to your complexion and blend well, then apply foundation and then blend so that the base layer is not visible. Let's look at the whole face alike.

Then apply a blush of your choice on the highlighter and cheek bone at the top of the cheek bone. You can also use khaki or a light pink shade. Apply a brown shade underneath. Blend the highlighter, blush on and prongs in your own place, then clarify with an eyebrowbrew pencil.
Mix the brown and eyelid shades and the eyeliner will look like this.

Then start eye makeup first apply a white shade on the eyeball, then apply black eye shades or bronzer on the inner and outer part of the eye. High liner blush on and bronzer in your place. Blend well then clarify with an eyebrowbrew pencil.
After mixing the brown and black shades, the eyebrows will look like this. Then start the make-up. First apply the base so that the shades stay in place for a long time and their original color. After applying, apply a white shade on the eyeball first, then apply a black eye shadow on the inner and outer parts of the eyes.

Do not apply a black eye shadow on the middle section. Let it remain white. Apply a gold shade on the white middle part of the eyelid, then black the shadow with a dark brown shade. Blend dark on the upper part of the eyeball. Apply a brown shade and blend in. Thus, the dark brown shade will feel clear on the bone area above the eyeball.
Then apply a light brown and seal shade over the same dark brown shade.

Make these shades blend well so that they do not feel detached. Finally, once again apply the gold glitter finger in the middle of the eyeball. Apply black eyeliner after applying the shade and also black under the eyes. Apply the eyeliner and blend it with a brush. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow underneath it and blend it outwards, then paste the eyelid with a glue.
After applying the eyelids, reapply the eyeliner to make it look outward. Then apply a silver eye shadow on the bone and inner part of the eye below the eyebrow.

Apply a highlighter to the middle of the nose and apply a light brown shade brush on both sides of the nose so that the nose does not look brown so the nose will look 'thin' long and beautiful.
With the help of a lip liner, first add the lip texture. Then apply a red lipstick on the brush with it.
After applying the lipstick, apply a little base powder on the lipstick with puff and then apply a coat of lipstick again so that if applied, the lipstick stays on for hours. Otherwise, if a coat is worn, it usually disappears after eating at the event.
But if the lipstick cuddle coat is applied this way, it does not fade quickly and the lipstick stays in place until the end of the event.

This technique of gallery gold make-up can be tested with shades other than black and brown. Depending on the color of your dress, colors can be chosen, but in the original technique, these three colors are used. Even if you change the tricks, look good by putting a gold eye shadow on the middle of the eyeball.

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