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How to clean a make-up brush!

How to clean a make-up brush!

Make-up is an art, as an artist uses different colors for his artwork with the skill that the picture looks exactly original, as well as the choice of colors for makeup and then using them as an opportunity. It is important to do so.

In the past, make-up was considered to be the mere burning, the head, the teeth, and the powder, or women used some of the household items such as cream, lemons, milk and other similar natural products for their beauty and most of all. Interestingly, they were applied with fingers and hands with the help of something else, but over time, as the world of makeup revolutionized, there were numerous types of makeup tools. Come on in.

Only three to four types of brushes are used for eye makeup. Similarly, several types of brushes are used instead of one for blush, lipstick, foundation, primer and base, etc. But one of the major problems is the cleaning of these brushes and items. Make-up before leaving the house. Touch is essential and due to the lack of time the brush is left clean after applying makeup in a hurry.
Because of this, it quickly becomes absorbed in bacteria, dads, and oil brushes and has immediate effects on the skin.
The bacteria found in make-up brushes rapidly grow within the first two weeks. These bacteria enter the skin through the scabs and become stained and acne prone.

Make-up brushes are a valuable tool for any woman, as they help her make her beauty look, but it is usually the case that most women use their makeup and makeup products. They are very handy, but makeup brushes are forgotten by putting them aside and they do not care about cleaning.
While it is important to clean makeup brushes regularly to keep them sterile. Not only will your skin be protected from illnesses, but makeup brushes will last for a long time as well. Accordingly, weekly cleaning of makeup brushes is essential, but if you forget to wash the brushes on a week or you think that washing too quickly can ruin your brushes, wash them at least once every fortnight. ۔

There are many good makeup companies available in the market today for makeup brushes, which are a bit expensive, but their performance is really good. However, if you do not want to buy this brush cleaner, then you will need a homemade soap or Brushing can also be washed with shampoo. Washing makeup brushes is not a difficult task, but here's how to wash and clean makeup brushes for your convenience and guidance, which in turn adds a little something to your information. Must have

While you can also wash makeup brushes with a laundry detergent or ordinary shampoo, but baby shampoo is best for this. You can also wash small brushes together. First, wash the brush with high water, then apply a baby shampoo as needed.

If the brush is too sticky in makeup, several drops of shampoo will be applied to it, but if it is not too bad, one drop will be sufficient to clean it. Now shampoo should be thoroughly applied on the brush, such as foam. Then remove the makeup particles by pressing the brush. With the foam the makeup remnants will also come out. If the brush is cleaned thoroughly, wash it thoroughly with water.
After washing the brush, strain the fibers and drain the water and then shake it and place it on a clean towel in a suitable place. Fold the tapping brush and place it in a well-ventilated place to dry thoroughly. Never use the brush before it is completely dry nor use it for quick drying as the hair dryer The fibers get damaged.

Always place it straight on the towel to allow the brush to dry. If you have stacked the brush with something, doing so will cause the fibers to swell in the brush's handle.
Night time is best for washing brushes as brushes will dry thoroughly overnight and you will be able to use them in the morning. Also make sure that the water you use to wash the brushes is completely clean. If you are suspected of being transparent, then sprinkle some sapienne water over it after washing the airbrush.

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