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Masks for facial cleansing

Masks for facial cleansing

The skin care process begins with skin cleansing.
There are many types of creams and lotions available for cleaning the kidneys and removing makeup.
If face care is not done on a daily basis then many problems can arise because of facial waxing.
Masks for facial cleansing
Following are some face masks that are useful in preparation and use, as well as usefulness.

Green lime powder and turmeric and milk mask
Dried crushed green lime powder = half a cup
Hadley = a teaspoon of tea
Milk = half a cup
Make sure you mix all the items together.
Put this mixture on your forehead.

Apply neatly to the face and neck.
Let the mixture stick to these places for two minutes and wash and clean afterwards.
This mask is recommended for oily and mixed skin.

The lime powder absorbs excess grease.
Milk provides nourishment to the skin and refreshes it.
Cucumber and yogurt mask
Circle a number
3 or 4 tablespoons of yogurt meal
Cucumber the cucumber and squeeze the juice.
Whisk the yogurt.
Add the curd juice to the cucumber juice.
Mix all ingredients together and mix to combine.

Apply this mixture on your forehead - face and neck in the form of a lapel.
Allow to stand for three to four minutes.
Then wash the face and neck with cold water.
This mask opens the face.
Creates a tension.
Shades and stains make it non-noticeable.
Provides nutrition to the skin.
Just like an alcoholic can also be used as a mask.

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