Thursday, 26 September 2019

Protecting the face in days of imprisonment

Protecting the face in days of imprisonment

Like the last few years, the intensity of the summer is at its peak. In this season, all the faces seem to be dying. In fact, as the weather gets cold and freezing. The dry effect on our skin is just as hot. The intensity of the weather and the rising sun and the sun's rays and the sun-soaked rays also have a detrimental effect on our skin as the two main issues with the heat are the heat intensity and the moisture content there. Redness due to moisture loss due to redness of the face, nail acne, itching etc.

To make your skin look beautiful in the summer, it is important to wash your face three times a day to use only products that are appropriate for your skin texture.

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Always use a splash of cold water on your face after using it, because warm water is never beneficial to the skin.
Long-lasting summer morning and evening hours are the first step towards proper facial cleansing skin, with cleansing helping to clear the dead cells of your facial skin as well as mac. The skin and the dirt that accumulates in your skin is also cleansed. These are all factors that cause the matter to close.

Also, if you have a habit of washing your face only once a day, change this habit. In a short time you will start to notice a considerable difference on your face and the skin on your face will become soft. No matter the fact that our body does not sweat as much as the summer does in any other season of the year, it is very important to make sure that your body has a continuous flow of water and then Only possible if you get into the habit of drinking good water throughout the day. Drinking more water has a positive effect on the skin cells and also eliminates the irritating skin. S and our skin is very clean, shiny and healthy.
Now that this season is in its final stages, pay attention to your face immediately as it is important to protect the skin from the effects of the weather even in the winter ahead and it is very important to have a fresh skin.

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