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Season rainy skin and hair demands special attention

Season rainy skin and hair demands special attention

When it rains after heat and humidity, it gives a feeling of relief, because after the rains the body gets relief from the heat and heat. And hair is the biggest enemy that every woman has to face during the monsoon season, ie the monsoon season brings many challenges with regards to our skin and hair. If so, you need to take some precautions in this regard so that you are safe from skin and hair problems. They can overcome skin and hair problems and make them noticeable.

Skin problems in the rainy season
In this way, we have very few rains here, but as much as we do, Karachi is particularly enjoyable. In the rainy season, women also face some problems which affect them but also refresh themselves. In the rainy days, one of the biggest problems with regard to the skin is the fungus infection, which usually warms the wet skin.
Wet skin softened by soaking or constantly soaking and thus became an easy target of fungus. The result is itchy skin irritation, skin rashes, skin spots on the skin, especially the armpits and the breast. Appear in the form of around
Summer causes the skin to open up on the skin. They give way to moisture in the rainy days.
During rains they get itching and cause a small worm called "mite". If you have an itching problem on any part of your body, consult a specialist immediately. If it is not treated properly it can affect all the people in the house. In the rainy days, if your skin starts to look weak and sick and sometimes itching can occur. So consider the following tips.

Tips and Trucks
Scrub twice a week to prevent facial skin from mildew and seasonal effects, and use a face wash that contains alphahydroxyl acid. It refreshes the skin but do not use it more than once a day. ۔
On rainy days, if the skin starts to dry, apply a mixture of sorghum rose and glycerin on the face before bedtime at night or even make a paste of almonds and honey.
This will soften the skin of the face.
In the rainy season the affected skin is more affected. Water-based moisturizer is suitable. Wash your face three times a day. Apply basin rosemary or milk to the face. It also cleanses your skin. And over oil will be eliminated.
To avoid skin adhesiveness, mix a teaspoon of cinnamon wood powder in a rose rose and apply it on the face and hands and feet.

Apply a thick soaked dough to clean the dead cells and skin.
For dry skin, mix two teaspoons of honey and eight drops of almond powder and make a paste. Apply it on the face and allow it to dry, then wash the face thoroughly. Do not rub the face with dry towels. - Your face will shine.

Mix with honey and yogurt to bring it to life on dry and dead skin. Apply it on face and neck and after 15 minutes wash face.
If your skin is dry, add a tablespoon of rosemary to the cream and apply it on the face. After 15 minutes, wash the face.
Mix the powder under coconut oil. Apply it on the neck and around and then take a bath.

For lubricating skin, mix honey and lemon slices by weight. Apply it on face. After one hour wash face. You can also add egg whites to it.
For cleansing skin, mix the basin without boiling the milk. Apply it on the face, hands, feet and feet. Find the papaya on the smooth skin and take a bath after a few minutes.

Mix two teaspoons of glycerin in a cup of rosemary. Apply it on the whole body and bathe after fifteen minutes. The dryness of the whole body will disappear.
Whenever the face is washed, apply a toner each time so that the wax is closed and your skin's moisture is deposited inside.
Chemical peel is a treatment that experts use on the skin.
However, if you wish, you can do it yourself at home. It produces freshness in the skin and gives rise to dead skin and the best time to use it is monsoon season. After this treatment, no sun damage to the skin. And sensitivity does not matter.
During the rainy days, skin toning is very important at night. Use any good anti-infection toner to prevent infection.
You can also prepare it at home. One teaspoon of milk, add five drops of chamomile oil to the milk. If the skin is lubricated, add some water to the lavender oil and dilute it and apply it on the face.
To moisturize the greasy skin, mix 2 teaspoonfuls of rosemary 'four drops of strawberry oil and four drops and najal oil essentials.
Apply it on the face 'hands and feet and wash after 10-15 minutes and then look amazing' your skin will shine.

Crush the cucumber and mix the wood powder in it and apply it all over the body.

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