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Shiny, dense and long hair

Shiny, dense and long hair

Every woman wishes that her hair should be shiny, thick and long. Men also want thick and beautiful hair. Many men protect their skin, but neglect their hair. As a result, the skin is finished. Your skin is a millionaire shiny and expensive, but if the hair is not as good as it is, then your personality will not be attractive.

If you want to have healthy hair you need to pay attention to your diet. There are two common complaints that my head hair is falling or that my hair color is gone and they have turned white. Will be surprised to hear that both of these complaints can be overcome, provided that you take the matter at the right time.

There is a significant difference between the health of your hair and the diet you eat.

Find out what to do with hair loss or hair loss?
In the early years, if the hair color becomes bad, it is embarrassing, forcing them to dye. There are many nutrients that you can hide this defect by eating. The glands that produce these nutrients will be cured. Eat mushrooms to hide white hair, it activates the glands and eliminates white hair.
Peanuts are used in China for the treatment of white hair.
White is the main cause of white hair deficiency in the early years. The cows and zinc (zinc) are rich in cow's milk. Both of these minerals (mineral) can be eaten early
They are not white. Such people should eat cow's kale three days a week. The color of the hair goes away from the lack of copper, so the walnuts should be eaten.
From copper, a black substance called "melanin" is produced, which gives color to the hair. It would be better to apply a handful of walnut greens instead of going to the barber shop to dye the hair.
Lack of vitamin B12 (vitamin B12) in the body also causes hair loss at an early age, and other diseases can also occur.
Eat vegetables daily to eliminate folic acid deficiency. Vegetables are a natural way to get folic acid. In addition, they also provide vitamin B12 and B6. Where possible, eat raw vegetables with diet. Are up
Berries, especially blueberries, do not let the white in the hair. They contain HY, C, H, B, complex, zinc, copper and iodine.
As a result of eating them, these ingredients increase, because of their lack of hair color. Also, daily feeding can also produce melanin, which eliminates the white of hair. Red cells grow from the lentils, from which we get vitamins B9 and B12.
Everything you eat has an effect on your face and hair, so eat a balanced diet.
Balanced diets, containing proteins, vitamins J, and A, Omega-3 fatty acids and fats. Go on to eat healthy foods and keep your hair soft and supple.
They do not break, and they do not produce dryness. Below are a few nutrients that help keep your hair healthy.
Carrots contain plenty of carotene (CAROTENE), which does not cause hair fall.
Eating carrots or drinking this curse keeps hair strong and dense and does not fall off.
Yogurt contains the ingredients, so it is an antioxidant, so it promotes the hair and keeps it attractive. You can call it yogurt for hair and skin.
Spinach is rich in vitamin A and C. It also has steel, which makes the hair look taller, shiny and absorbent.

Eating strawberries also stops hair from falling, because it contains plenty of vitamin C, so it prevents hair from breaking down.
If the amount of vitamin B is reduced in the organs, the hair begins to fall. The egg contains laminate, vitamin B and steel. If eaten with an underside, the hair becomes shiny and long.

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