Thursday, 26 September 2019

The color is coral on the dancing lips

The color is coral on the dancing lips

Lip Stick will have many of your favorite shades. Shades that are always together and somehow become your identity. Now, it's good that you've found a lip stick that fits your personality. Has the ability to express itself and present it in a charming way. But it is also true that the lip stick sheds should be changed to maintain freshness and attractiveness.

This is how your personality looks attractive. Now because this year's color is coral, try using this very beautiful color and this color-cooled stick shade will increase your attractiveness. There is no doubt that the lip Before choosing a stock shed, be sure to take care of the clothing, the season, and the time.

Most women have a special taste for lipstick.

Their choice is based on the combination of the dress, rather than the dull and dark colors. If you wore a punk lipstick, if you wore a red lipstick, then this method is not appropriate if you believe us. Select lipstick in it Today we introduce you to the new trends of lipstick.
According to fashion trends, it is time to welcome old fashion.
Dressed up make-up and hair style '
Now that women want to adopt new styles of green 'blue' yellow and coral and nude 'red shades' we now tell you about the lipstick of beautiful colors.
Cassini pink color
Cassini Pink, which has a striking aura of pink, will give you freshness and elegance. This color is also different and fashionable than the traditional red and white color lipstick.

Pink color
Sometimes the heart wants to decorate pink lips like barb dolls. This shade of lipstick is one of the popular trends of the 80s and is part of almost every brand's shade.
Flower red pink color
This color is reflected in the color of the mesa and coral. It is a unique combination of pink and peach color. It is recognized as luminous and bolder in the world of lipstick shades. The lipstick has the ability to decorate for a moment, and even if you are preparing to go somewhere during the day, this color will prove to be the most reliable and you will see a sculpture of freshness and sophistication.

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