Thursday, 26 September 2019

What kind of style do you like?

Round face womenNature has made every woman different, so the hairstyle should also be different. Some women have round faces, some with ellipticals and some with long ones. Here we tell you about women's hairstyles with different textured faces. For example, women with round faces should adopt a piercing style in which their face should look less round, so they should have loose and spiral hair in addition to the hair on the sides of the face. Making the face less visible.

Long face
Long Facial Women To reduce facial length, spread the hair on the forehead and do not create an inflated upper style.

Similarly, their face will look appropriate.
Quad face
Squared facial women spread the hair around the face so that the face width is reduced.
Elliptical or bookish face
It can decorate all kinds of hair and all kinds of makeup.

Whether you are doing make-up or hairstyles, it is important that you first look at your face and see which method is right for you. Sit in front of the mirror to pull the hair backwards. Make a ponytail and look at your face with a small glass. Eyes, nose, cheek lips, foreheads carefully review everything, then see which of them need to be improved.

Now also try to create different hairstyles and see what effect you will have on the appearance of the beauty parlor if you do a hairstyle this way. No need to try out different beauty parlors or change a hair dresser just for the sake of experience. If you have found a good hairstylist, be sure to do the same and set the hair at your own pace and advice, following his instructions.
Also remember one more thing. Whenever you go to the parlor, do not sit there deciding to dye, perm or cut hair, but rather dye or set hair first. This will give you an idea of ​​the nature of the work and then leave it there periodically. This kind of hairstylist will fully understand your hair and your personality. After that, when you cut your hair, she will be able to better set the hair in terms of your face and personality.

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